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Manchester Day Parade

Bryan Tweddle

Here at White Cross Rings we have a very wide range of customers and we usually don't get to see their finished products .

So it was great when longstanding customer Bryan Tweddle sent us a lovely email with some pictures of his work for which we had manufactured key components.

 Bryan is an artist and sculptor designing and making things for theatre,film,animation,educational projects,exhibition and carnival.

This is what he had to say:

"Here are some snaps from Manchester Day Parade 2013. The float was made for the Chinese community of Manchester and I understand that the main image was used on the front page of a Chinese newspaper with worldwide distribution.

Your work made the design possible, the yellow base with its pneumatic castors made the float move ,turn and spin very well during the performance. The green part was made, in part, from bits that you let me buy from the scrap pile. Without  drawings to work from , holding up part rings until they looked right gave us a lot of flexibility with the design, so thanks again for that help, it didn't seem much at the time but it would have been very difficult to achieve the outcome without the parts to play with."

Another one of Bryan's projects we are currently helping him with is for the Tour de France (Yorkshire leg) this space!

Thanks Bryan 

Glad to be of service!

date added: Wed 19 Feb 2014